Benner & Weinkauf, P.C.

Benner & Weinkauf PC. is dedicated to providing the citizens of Massachusetts and corporate entities with the one-on-one personal attention they deserve. Since 2002, we have created and maintained thousands of successful client relationships while helping our clients tackle issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, family issues and loan modifications. Our extensive experience will solve your bankruptcy or other issues in a timely and cost-effective manner. You may not realize this, but in some cases, bankruptcy can be the smartest financial decision a person can make. Credit card companies and collection agencies may hound you for money, but in reality, they already have enough money. In the process, they can damage your credit and cause you stress. If you are struggling to pay your bills, or have to decide between paying a bill and paying your mortgage, call Benner & Weinkauf P.C. We are dedicated to serving the citizens of Plymouth, Braintree, New Bedford and Taunton and we are ready to listen to you and prepare a plan of action to get you debt free. Don’t wait. Pick up the phone today!

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Benner & Weinkauf, P.C.
Address: 32 Hillman St, New Bedford, MA 02740, USA
Phone: (781) 356-5494

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